Develop your leadership

And become the boss everyone wants to work for.


Entrepreneurial Leader Programme

A series of workshops to help leaders retain, develop, grow and manage their people brilliantly to drive business growth.

The Entrepreneurial Leader Programme is designed to address the increasingly competitive pressure on businesses to retain and develop their talent. While at the same time delivering growth and discovering new opportunities that bring value.

By strengthening your entrepreneurial mindset, you unlock a style of leadership that turns challenges into opportunities in an inspiring, motivating, and collaborative way—protecting your business from uncertainty while remaining innovative and competitive.

People who enrol in ELP will:

  • Enhance their self-belief and confidence as a leader.
  • Have a toolbox of different frameworks and approaches to apply immediately to any challenge.
  • Experience a space where they’re supported emotionally and listened to.
  • Discover new ideas and fresh perspectives to drive business growth.
  • Get to know themselves better as leaders.
  • Understand the psychology of teams to build trust and collaboration for high performance.

The Entrepreneurial Leader curriculum

Do you want to find time to work on yourself so you can deliver brilliant results and business growth?

Perhaps you’re an HR professional who dreams of galvanising the teams in your organisation to work with more creativity, more opportunity and more joy?

Then ELP is for you.

Designed for founders, leaders and managers, this comprehensive series of workshops will transform the way you manage and inspire your teams by boosting your toolkit of leadership skills.

The Entrepreneurial Leader programme begins with a discovery session where we agree metrics of success based on what’s most important to you.

From there, our workshops (between four to six 90-minute sessions depending on your enrolment type) cover everything from the entrepreneurial mindset to cultivating greater emotional intelligence inside and outside the office.

Here’s what we’ll cover inside ELP

1. Entrepreneurial mindset

Unlock your entrepreneurial attributes and leverage them to inspire and manage your team brilliantly and grow your clients or customers.

2. The leader in you

What type of leader do you want/need to be? And how are you showing up? Chances are, there are areas of incongruence between the two. Bringing them together, guided by tried-and-tested results from neuroscience, is where we’ll find the sweet spot.

3. Unlocking your team’s superpowers!

How to get the best out of your team. From building better rapport through leveraging emotional intelligence to managing people as individuals first, team second; there are tons of tools to help you forge steadfast relationships and get each person highly motivated and playing to their strengths.


If you’re purchasing the programme as an individual, you’ll also receive 1:1 coaching and mentoring around areas of your choice.

What else is included?

Digital workbook

An accompanying workbook and resources to help deepen your learning and embed and apply it.

Offboarding session

A reflect and review session at the end of the programme to ensure you’re set up for success with your growth goals.

1:1 mentoring

If purchasing as an individual, you’ll automatically access 1:1 mentoring as well as all other course modules.

Do you want to develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence for enhanced team performance, trust and collaboration?

If purchasing for yourself.

£x (for 4 sessions)

If purchasing for a number of people
or a specific team in your organisation.

£x (for 4 sessions and up to 12 people)


Why is an entrepreneurial people leader good for business?

An entrepreneurial leader thinks differently. They can rally their teams to achieve a common goal, and turn problems into opportunities that create value for both employees and the business as a whole.

In short, entrepreneurial leadership brings about greater innovation. Which, in turn, brings growth.

Why Is An Entrepreneurial People Leader Good For Business?

By applying the most relevant entrepreneurial attributes through the people lens, you’ll retain, develop and grow your people brilliantly.

You’ll get curious about your team and enable greater collaboration and trust in a remote working environment.

By thinking customer-first about the team you lead, you’ll inspire and motivate, caring about their development and wellbeing.

Your behaviours and actions will drive growth and innovation, adding value to the business and your clients/customers.

What makes ELP different?

ELP is the first and only programme that looks at the entrepreneurial mindset through both the business and the people lens.

No one else is doing this right now. Taking the most relevant attributes of an entrepreneurial mindset, I look at them through the people and growth lenses to help leaders retain, develop, grow and manage their people brilliantly.

Additionally, I look at the entrepreneurial mindset through the business lens so you can deliver on objectives that not only make the people in your organisation happier but also your customers happier. And that means one thing: growth.

ELP won’t teach you a specific leadership style. It will teach you how to tap into YOUR unique leadership style.

The entire philosophy for entrepreneurial leadership is that it taps into your unique style of leading, combined with a blend of approaches that are true to you, sprinkled with your unique personality magic! You’ll learn how to unpack all of this within the modules.

What makes ELP different?


The programme is 4-6 weeks long (depending on if you do 4 or 6 modules) with one 90-minute module per week delivered as a live virtual or in-person training session. Additionally, there is a supporting digital workbook and resources accompanying the programme. Allow around 2 hours per week for integration tasks for those who want to go deeper.

I’ve designed ELP to be hugely beneficial for both individuals (Heads Of, Managing Directors and senior leaders – anyone who identifies as a leader) as well as for wider teams within an organisation. So there are two methods of delivery for this programme:

  1. VIP 1:1 for individual leaders who want to go through the programme 1:1 with me only. This includes more mentoring and coaching around specific areas you want to work on.
  2. Cohort based (up to 12ppl) within a single organisation. We recommend that individual leaders purchase the VIP offer (which includes coaching) while those purchasing for leaders within their organisation go for the Cohort option. If you’d like to discuss extra coaching as part of the Cohort programme, let’s chat!

Yes! The programme is designed to be delivered brilliantly in person and virtually.