leadership Development

Leaders who leverage an entrepreneurial mindset retain and develop talent, deliver growth and futureproof organisations.

Your potential is limitless. Let’s get you to the next level.

We integrate creativity, innovation and people mastery to strengthen leadership skills, increase self-awareness and growth potential.


self-belief and confidence as a leader.


a toolbox of methods and approaches to apply immediately.


the space to be supported emotionally and be listened to.


business growth with new ideas and inspiration to do things differently.


yourself and how you’re showing up as a leader.


team psychology to build trust and collaboration for high performance.


motivation to drive your success.


an entrepreneurial approach to retain and develop talent.

We Love Our Clients

powerful insights

Powerful Insights

Discover powerful insights about yourself and your team so you can Imagine Beyond your current work reality and do business better.

Powerful leadership

It starts with getting creative: understanding your unique leadership style, experimenting, learning and thinking like an entrepreneur.

Imagine Beyond works with exceptional leaders and founders to help them do exactly that.

Powerful Leadership


Imagine Beyond Founder & Director

Your potential is limitless. Let’s get you to the next level.

As an accomplished leader and consultant, I've been fortunate to work with leaders of FTSE100, Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and startups. I've experienced first-hand the challenges of change and the opportunities it brings when you can think like an entrepreneur.

Coming from a diverse background of over two and a half decades working in creative agencies, technology and innovation and HR, I integrate many different insights and perspectives to help you imagine beyond where you or your organisation are right now.



A unique, market-leading series of workshops focused on entrepreneurial mindset through both a people and client lens. Available as a VIP package for individual leaders or cohort-based for up to 12 people within a single organisation.

Bespoke Programmes

Bespoke Programmes

Tailored Manager’s Training And Professional Skills Development Programmes focused on YOUR business challenges, values and goals. Designed as three, six and 12-month programmes.


1:1 mentoring and coaching for leaders, managers and founders

Want to take your leadership to the next level? Though tailored-to-you modules incorporating neuroscience, psychology and personal insight, we’ll co-create a style of leadership that plays to all your strengths and creates the impact you desire.

Ready to imagine beyond the ordinary?