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Tailored manager training and professional skills development programmes, focused on YOUR business challenges, values and goals.

Develop empowered teams, drive thriving projects and upskill your managers through a curated curriculum, designed for your business. 

Choose from our Manager’s Programme or Professional Skills Programme and receive a bespoke curriculum designed around your goals, challenges and workplace values.

Do you want to enhance management and professional skills within your organisation?

Are you ready to address productivity and communication roadblocks holding your teams back from peak performance?

Perhaps your leadership teams lack cohesion or effectiveness – impacting their ability to collaborate on company goals.

Delivered as comprehensive support to boost company-wide performance, or tailored for managers, explore the ways Imagine Beyond can support your unique development needs through our two bespoke programmes.

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The only programmes where your needs lead

Our approach to these programmes is as unique as your business. Nothing here is off-the-shelf. 

Whether you opt for our Manager’s Programme or Professional Skills Programme, we will listen to and evaluate your needs, tailoring a bespoke curriculum to serve your business goals. Development programmes and workshops are designed from your insights, aligned with your goals and delivered with both tried-and-trusted and emerging methodologies.

Combining in-person learning alongside virtual workshops, practical application and workbooks, everyone receives a comprehensive and hands-on development experience. They’ll come away with a toolkit they can apply immediately to drive results.

Explore Our Manager’s Programme

A 6-month programme to empower your managers with the knowledge and confidence they need to manage their teams effectively and drive business growth.

Has your business experienced rapid growth, change or restructuring, resulting in numerous internal promotions? While your employees may excel in their day-to-day roles, effective managerial skills require focused development. Fast growth or change may have highlighted the need to develop core managerial competencies in your managers – who may be looking to build on these skills.

The Manager’s Programme is specifically designed to develop managerial competencies and confidence of those in line-management roles. 

From developing a deeper understanding of their management and leadership style to delving into the psychology of teams to foster trust and collaboration, this programme equips your managers with a toolkit of qualities and interpersonal skills. Helping them navigate challenges with compassion, motivate their teams, and excel in all aspects of their role, whilst learning in a peer-to-peer environment.

Every programme is designed around business needs. Here is an example curriculum:

  • Understanding Self & Others
  • What Type of Manager Are You? 
  • Developing Goals & Objectives 
  • Mastering the Art of Feedback
  • Listening
  • Managing High-Performance Teams

These are spread across several modules, delivered in person over the course of 6 months. 

By the end of the programme, your managers will have a comprehensive toolkit of frameworks and approaches to tackle any challenge that comes their way, manage their teams effectively and get the best out of their direct reports and projects.

Be inspired with new perspectives and ideas, whilst developing a deeper understanding to supercharge your business growth. Plus, they’ll develop a deeper understanding of themselves as managers and how best to harness their management style.

Explore Our Professional Skills Programme

Modular workshops to drive company performance, impact and culture.

You’re a purpose-driven organisation that connects to the hearts and minds of your customers and your people. But you’ve identified some roadblocks, like keeping projects on track and on budget, effective communication, and productivity. 

To ensure you continue to build and grow from these strong foundations and drive the ongoing success of your business, you know there are specific areas you need to develop in your people.

Your development programme will be designed to address these in an inspiring and creative way, unlocking potential in your people and giving them a practical toolkit to integrate into their day-to-day work.

As with the Manager’s programme, every module is tailored to your needs, but could encompass:

  • Mastering communication and interpersonal skills
  • Stakeholder and relationship management 
  • Time management
  • Having strategic conversations
  • Mastering social competence through emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Excelling in High-Performance Culture
  • Self-care and wellbeing

In our initial discussions, we will decide on your core areas of focus and select workshops (anywhere between three and 12) for the duration of the programme. Imagine Beyond will then develop custom workshops and materials for you, based on your company goals, culture and proven methodology.

We work with your culture, your USP and your leadership style to create the most relevant, audience-led, actionable experiences for you and your teams.

Everything starts with a discovery session.

This is a chance to really get under the skin of your business. What are the challenges, what are the pain points, what does that future vision look like? And how can developing the skills, knowledge and competencies of your employees help drive that business goal while still addressing those pain points along the way?

Soft skills. Big impact.

What really drives employee performance? Interpersonal skills are vital for thriving businesses and engaged teams.

Studies repeatedly show that effective communication accelerates business growth, drives innovation, creates positive energy and makes your people feel heard and valued.

Interpersonal skills may be considered ‘soft skills’. But organisations and business leaders who prioritise them repeatedly report better outcomes ‒ from revenue to culture.

soft skills big impact

The more we understand about your business and your vision, the more relevant and impactful we can make your programme.

Tell us about your business to get started.


Everything, really! Whereas other corporate development programmes tend to be dictated by the facilitator, lifting and shifting existing content that’s not tailored to the audience, Imagine Beyond’s approach centres your unique business needs from the get-go. Everything we design for you is bespoke: when you commission these programmes, you’re buying something designed from your insights, aligned with your goals and executed with tailored methodology. Our discussions will form the basis of your curriculum, which we’ll then design based on our broad expertise and industry best practices.

Workshops are run in person, virtually and hybrid and can run for between two and four hours. Session length is determined by the curriculum, size of group and best approach.

Absolutely. The tailored approach ensures adaptability for businesses of all sizes. Classes can cater for up to 20 people in person and capacity is limitless for virtual workshops. All materials created are designed for both types of experiences.

Absolutely, yes! Every programme we deliver is unique to your business. Our conversations will shape the materials and the methodology we use with your teams, reflecting your company culture and nuances in language unique to your organisation.

Classes are run with a minimum of six attendees, up to 20 people in person and are unlimited for online-only programmes.


We run both virtual and hybrid workshops to suit your business needs.

Collaboratively. In our discovery session, we’ll cover all your specific requirements, agreeing on the topics, audiences and learning objectives.

Typically, the discovery and curriculum design is two to four weeks. This is an important part of the process, ensuring we understand your business to design the curriculum with maximum relevancy and impact to your business. Once your curriculum is approved, workshops are created and ready to deliver within two to four weeks.

Manager’s programmes are usually six workshops, experienced as one per month over six months. Each workshop has pre- and post-work to embed the learning in between.

Professional skills programmes are between three and 12 months, with one workshop per month.