The origin of Imagine Beyond.

New and emerging technology is rated as the most important area that Boards believe they need more knowledge and skills in (by 57%*).

Imagine Beyond, an independent Tech empowerment business was founded by Claire Koryczan, in early 2019, specifically to address this need.

*Source: Ridgeway Partners Future of Boards Report.

Claire, in collaboration with her expert team, are passionate about creating the bridge between technology innovation and business growth – now more than ever before, with the impact of Covid-19.

For the last decade, Claire’s immersed herself in the world of exec technology education, working with business leaders across all industries disrupted by technology. Through her studies on neuroscience, psychology and behavioural science, she deeply understands the impact of technology on people and business, and how to navigate through it all.

With over 1 million words in the English language, most of which are related to science and technology, Imagine Beyond takes away the fear surrounding technical language and excites the C-Suite of its potential. While exploring which technology is a friend or foe – helping you to navigate what’s right for you.

By bringing the world’s most talented entrepreneurs, deep technology experts, innovators and educators to the C-Suite, we inform, entertain and imagine the future of business, and how it can be positively impacted by technology.

Join us.

Love technology and deeply passionate about inspiring business leaders to solve some of the biggest problems on our planet?

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