Meet Our Founder

Hello, I’m Claire Koryczan


As an entrepreneur or leader, I know you’ll be great at seeing the long-term vision and opportunity.

And you have big dreams about where you’d like your career to take you.

But you might also want to boost your people mastery—a crucial component for engaged employees, motivated teams and continued growth.

That’s where I can help you transform your organisation.

My superpower from two and a half decades spent in tech, creative agencies, and HR means I join the dots between all these things—creating powerful insights and deep realisations for leaders that catalyse lasting transformation.


I’ve seen just how much impact creativity has on the way we do business. It’s how we solve problems. It’s how we innovate and are able to find new and interesting ways of overcoming obstacles.


And that’s why I set up Imagine Beyond. To help leaders—from company founders to MDs, senior leaders, and HR professionals—think more creatively and explore new possibilities with excitement. The result? Impressive growth, innovation and the ability to lead people brilliantly.

Joining the dots between innovation, creativity and people

Whether I’m leading a series of workshops or working 1:1 with leaders or teams, my unique, multi-pronged approach incorporates audience-first experience design, lessons from neuroscience, emotional intelligence and creative problem-solving to strengthen your understanding of yourself and others and create well-rounded, empowered leaders and managers.

I started my career working client-side before becoming a consultant, which means I can see things from both a client, customer and business perspective. I can identify opportunities for high-value, long-term client partnerships and significant business growth from both sides of the coin.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, I’ve taught over 8000 people about the topics I love: leadership, mindset, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, confidence, neuroscience, team dynamics, communication and careers.

Are you or your team next?